How to Use GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial

  • December 1, 2019
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For best results, I recommend you use XEvil and GSA Captcha Breaker. I have XEvil selected as the first captcha service and GSA Captcha Breaker as secondary captcha service. This way any captchas not solved by XEvil will be passed on to GSA Captcha Breaker.

For Recaptcha v2 captchas you can use the Recaptcha v2 module for XEvil

Currently in beta and requires an additional $100 in order to have access to it but well worth it. You’ll make back the money it cost with the amount you’ll save solving Recaptcha v2 captchas. To successfully use this module you’ll need rotating proxies that change IP at every request to avoid your IP from getting banned by Google. I use for this and it works perfectly, they have several different plans which fit any budget. The more threads you have the more captchas you can solve at the same time.

You can also use and load your account with funds, but the cost will soon add up unlike XEvil which is a one-time payment (besides the monthly cost of proxies).

Creating unique and spun articles for campaigns

Easiest way to create tons of unique & spun content is by using GSA Content Generator. Created by the same developers of GSA SER, you can expect the constant updates and top-notch support that comes with buying any GSA product.

Choose the option “Mix from random sentences” to product the most unique articles possible. Then simply spin the articles with the built-in spinner making sure to select “Do not spin capitalized words” to increase readability. If you want more control over the spinner settings I can recommend Spin Rewritter software. I use it when creating tier 1 quality articles as I’m not focused as much on article uniqueness as I am on readability.

Make sure to ALWAYS use proxies

Shared or dedicated proxies can be used for link submissions. They’re necessary to avoid having your IP address marked as spam and having your VPS or dedicated server provider shut down your account for violating their Terms of Service. I’ve been using proxies from for years and can recommend them. Their support is also very quick and easy to communicate with.

Free public proxies are provided for SERPGROW members in the Dropbox folder. Just copy and paste the proxies you wish to use to build your links.

Free GSA SER campaign templates to get started

Included in the Dropbox folder you’ll find campaign templates for GSA Search Engine Ranker. simply import the template and insert your URLs, anchor text and articles. Then click start and watch as GSA SER posts to the verified site list with your URLs as backlinks.

Use catch-all emails  for your link building campaigns gives you catch-all emails that can be used in several campaigns and all e-mails easily can be easily deleted or switched using their user panel. They’re much less expensive than constantly buying new e-mail accounts and can be used for multiple GSA SER campaigns.

Use a VPS from a trusted company to run your SEO tools

Not only is the internet connection much faster, you’re not slowing down your home connection and using its bandwidth. Several companies provide VPS for SEO tools and will let you know which package is the best for your needs. Make sure to always use use proxies when using any tool or else you will get a notice from your provider regarding your IP abuse.

I’ve previously used for my VPS needs and highly recommend them. I used them for several years and had absolutely no complaints, always quick to respond to any questions, now I use a dedicated server.

Tiered link building strategy and indexing tips

Tiered link building is the most used SEO strategy when it comes to automated link building software such as GSA Search Engine Ranker. It’s not advised to build automated links directly to your main website, instead build these link to your tier 1 sites such as web 2.0 sites.

First tier should be contextual links such as articles, wikis, and social networks along with forum profiles. Tier 2 are links built to your first tier in GSA, these should consist of blog comments, image comments and guestbooks.

Make sure to submit your first tier links in GSA SER to an indexer such as Speed-links or Elitelinkindexer, this forces Google to crawl your newly created links and add them to the index. By building a tier 2 to these links as well, you increase the index rate and help the links stay in the Google index.

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