Does GSA Search Engine Ranker still work?

  • November 8, 2021
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Pay Per Click Strategies

Running GSA Search Engine Ranker efficiently is possible with the right tools running alongside the program. To get the highest success rate when solving captchas I recommend have two different captcha solvers checked. That way if one fails the other captcha service will solve it. GSA Captcha Breaker and Xevil from Xrumer are two popular software I would recommend having used them.

Recaptcha v2 type captchas are becoming more prominent when posting to websites using GSA SER, so having a captcha breaker to solve it is important. Xevil comes with Recaptcha v2 module to solve it but you need to make sure you have rotating proxies that are Google passed, meaning they aren’t blocked by Google.

Another option would be to use services like or and load your account with funds then pay once a captcha is solved. This can get costly so I can’t recommend this for building bulk amount of links.

You’ll also want to use a verified link list with websites that GSA SER can post to. Check out our verified link list service on our service page here.

To achieve a higher index rate I recommend creating unique spun articles with GSA Content Generator and submitting your links to an online indexer like You can also build tier 2 links to your backlinks with the blog comment engine in GSA Search Engine Ranker.

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