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Verified List Service for GSA Search Engine Ranker


After learning to use GSA Search Engine Ranker and building my own link building campaigns, I came to the same problem many other GSA SER users experience.

I needed a constant fresh list of verified sites to post to and list vendors I tried were either not updated enough or many of the sites weren't even verified. Over time I learned how to successfully find verified backlinks using custom footprints and created my own personal verified list to use.

Now I have launched a members-only verified list service using several different techniques to find websites from all around the web that allowed GSA SER to post to. Not only do I scrape different search engines, but I ALSO have a PRIVATE DEDICATED SERVER running custom software in order to find verified backlinks 24/7.

Finding verified backlinks can be both time consuming and requires you to have access to several programs to speed up the process. Monthly costs including proxies, servers and program fees alone are a few hundred dollars. Save time and money by subscribing to get access to our Dropbox folder where you'll find the Verified List, Identified List (websites we are currently processing), complimentary proxies, custom templates you can import and a Getting Started PDF Guide

Dropbox Live Sync

Dropbox AUTO-SYNC for a fresh, auto-approve site list 24/7

Save Time

Dedicated server running 24/7 with custom software designed to find verified links

Recaptcha v2 Sites

Websites with GOOGLE Recaptcha v2 security protection included

Proxies Included

THOUSANDS of fresh, active public proxies to use during your link submission

Exclusive Templates

3 GSA SER campaign template to help you get started with your campaigns

OCR Captcha Software

Created using powerful OCR captcha solving software (GSA Captcha Breaker and XEvil)

Only $39 with discount code NEWYEARS

Save 40% by using discount code NEWYEARS and get access to our member only Dropbox folder

(Limited time only)

After payment you will receive an email invite to a Dropbox folder where all of the verified list can be found.
The invite will be sent to the e-mail address your provided at checkout once your payment is confirmed.


Need a Scrapebox Auto Approve List instead? We also offer access to our Scrapebox Auto Approve Verified List at this page here.

Quick and easy setup!

Simply download Dropbox (completely free) to your computer in order to have your site list updated around the clock. As soon as a site is posted to successfully by GSA it is moved into the Dropbox Verified Folder instantly.

The easiest way to use the site list is to sync it directly to your GSA SER program by going to the  Settings -> Advanced option and set the Dropbox folder as one of your site list. Your GSA SER campaigns can then AUTOMATICALLY post to sites within the Verified folder.

gsa ser settings