What proxy service do you recommend?

I’ve used SolidSEOVPS.com proxies for years, never had any problems and their support is excellent. Shared or dedicated proxies work fine for GSA SER submissions.

Where is the best place to buy e-mails for campaigns?

SEREmails.com gives you catch-all emails that can be used in several campaigns and all e-mails easily deleted. Much less expensive than constantly buying new e-mail accounts and has easy to use web panel to refresh the accounts every month.

What captcha solvers do I need?

The primary captcha solver used is XEvil (with the Google Recaptcha v2 captcha module), secondary captcha solver used is GSA Captcha Breaker,

Do you recommend a certain VPS provider?

I’ve previously used SolidSEOVPS.com for my VPS needs and highly recommend them. Make sure to use proxies. I currently use a dedicated server from OVH.com and have absolutely no complaints, can recommend them as well.

Are the public proxies list update often?

I update the proxy list throughout the day yes, removing any dead or slow proxies

Is the template and target list good for tier 1 links for parasite?

Yes you can use GSA SER directly at parasites if you wish

Is the template and target list good for tier 2 links?

Yes you can use GSA to build links to your tier 1

What indexing service do you recommend?

I use Speed-links.net to index my backlinks