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We build web 2.0s blog sites with 5 unique articles on each site. These are on HIGH AUTHORITY blog sites, so many of these blogs end up RANKING for long-tail keywords related to your niche. Unique themes are selected and images / videos are added to your blog as well to fill it up with content.

Each article is unique, not just a few articles spun a ton of times. The keywords you enter during checkout helps create niche-specific articles surrounding those keywords.


Backlinks from a variety of platforms are then built using GSA Search Engine Ranker to further increase the link power back to your website and increase link diversification. Hundreds of up to 800 word articles are created and then spun before being posted. 2,000 mixed backlinks will be created and then blog comments will be created to index those backlinks.

  • Articles
  • Wikis
  • Social Networks
  • Articles
  • Forum Profiles
  • Wiki Profiles

I've been using GSA Search Engine Ranker for several years now and use both Xevil captcha solver and GSA Captcha Breaker to get the highest success rate possible when posting. Along with catch-all emails and private proxies, backlinks are created quickly since everything is done in-house from article creation to link posting. We don't outsource it to cheap third-party vendors.

Google needs LOTS of content to know what your site is about and build relevancy to determine where you rank in the SEARCH ENGINE

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the quickest way to communicate after placing an order?

I use Service Provider Pro which allows you to send me a message directly from your client dashboard! After placing your order you will receive a password to login and check on your order as well as communicate with me directly.

What is the turn-around time?

After your order is placed you can expect your full link report in 5-7 working days (Monday-Saturday)

Note: selecting additional services at checkout may cause your turn around time to differ.

Can I provide my own articles?

Yes! Contact me thru PM before hand to make sure everything is good to go before placing your order.

Can I see samples?

Of course! Simply reply below

Do you provide a link report of all backlinks created?


No refunds after order has started