XEvil currently has their Recaptcha v2 add-on module in beta and requires an additional $100 to get access to it. It is hands down one of the best way to solve Google’s Recaptcha v2 captchas.

Unlike other services like 2captcha that require you to pay for each Recaptcha v2 solved, XEvil solves unlimited captchas with only a one-time payment apart from monthly costs for rotating proxies.

Use rotating proxies to avoid Google IP ban

In order to solve these captchas successfully, you’ll need rotating proxies that change IP after every request. This is due to the fact that Google quickly bans IPs if it sees a proxy constantly solving captchas.

Stormproxies.com is your best bet when it comes to rotating proxies, they have several different plans for any budget. Their lowest plan gives you access to 10 threads, so you can solve 10 captchas at the same time.

After getting your rotating proxies simply copy and paste them into a text file and select the text file in the Recaptcha v2 module next to the box labeled “Proxy list”. You’ll need to add the IP address of the machine you’re running XEvil on in your Stormproxies user panel before you can use the proxies.

It will take a few minutes to update the IP address before you can begin using the proxies.

Limit your threads

In GSA Search Engine Ranker I suggest you start with a low number of threads and see how many captchas are being sent to XEvil in order to not overload the software with captchas. If using 10 threads in XEvil I recommend only having a little over 10 captchas in queue so that they don’t timeout.

You can set your campaign in GSA SER to only solve hard captchas if you want to focus only on solving Recaptcha v2 captchas.