How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

  • January 27, 2023
  • Blog

If your website is slow, it can make people frustrated and they might not want to visit your site anymore. There is honestly endless different way people manage to speed up their site, even by a little bit. But don’t worry, there are some easy things you can do to make your WordPress site run faster.

Choose a Good Hosting Service

Make sure you pick a good hosting service that has good support and is reliable. Reviews and comparison websites can help you find a good hosting service.

Optimize Your Images

Big images can slow down your website, so make sure to make them smaller before you upload them. There are plugins that can help you compress your images.

Delete Unused Plugins & Themes

Having too many plugins and themes on your website can make it slow. Delete any that you aren’t using and check for updates regularly. Also upgrade your WordPress whenever there’s a new update. Make sure to keep an update of your site before updating, incase anything goes wrong.

Minimize HTTP Requests

Having fewer requests can help your website load faster. You can merge CSS files into one and use image sprites to help.

Cache Your Pages

Caching tools can help your website load faster by storing static versions of your pages.

Install a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN can help deliver content faster by using servers that are closer to where people are visiting your website from. Cloudflare is probably the most popular free one with free SSL certification included. They have a paid version as well with more DDoS protection and more firewall options.

Use a Lightweight Theme

Make sure to pick a theme that isn’t too heavy and has unnecessary features or elements. GeneratePress is a great example of just that.

Delete Revisions and Spam Comments

Deleting old revisions and spam comments can help your website run faster.

Use a Lazy Load Plugin

Lazy loading allows images to load only when they come into view, which can help your website load faster. There’s a few reliable free ones you can use in WordPress.

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