How to Avoid Google Captcha with Rotating Proxies

Rotating proxies change IP addresses automatically after every HTTP request or a set amount of time. Various companies offer this service and after testing the majority of them, gave me the best results and their support is great.

After payment you’ll get access to the client panel where you can find your proxies and change the access IP address to the IP address of the machine you’ll be using the rotating proxies on. To find the IP address of your VPS or dedicated server, simply go to and search “what’s my ip”. The first search result will be your IP address.

Rotating proxies are great for scrapping Google since using any advanced search operators like site: or inurl: will result in a Google Recaptcha v2 captcha. These types of captchas are expensive to solve using captcha solving sites such as 2captcha. Multiple searches in a short amount of time will also trigger a Google Recaptcha.

Make sure to use 25% of your threads when scrapping Google with StormProxies. So if you have the 40 threads plan set the thread connections to 10 in your software (Scrapebox, Hrefer)

To lower your captcha costs I use XEvil, a captcha breaker software that comes with the Xrumer software. You’ll need access to the Recaptcha v2 module add-on which requires an extra payment but the amount you save on captcha costs will quickly make up for it.

Using rotating proxies with RankerX

You can also use rotating proxies when creating accounts on RankerX. You can set the proxies to switch every 15 minutes and run RankerX campaigns to create and post to accounts. This way your accounts won’t be banned for creating multiple profiles on the same IP address.

You can set your proxy locating to Worldwide, United States, or Europe depending on what you’re using the proxies for. If you’re scrapping Google use the Worldwide option for the largest pool of proxies available. If you’re creating accounts in RankerX choose either United States or Europe so your login IP address doesn’t switch to a out of country address.