Best VPS for GSA Search Engine Ranker

Virtual Private Servers, or VPS, are used for SEO tools such as GSA Search Engine Ranker due to the high internet speeds and the fact that you can leave a VPS running without using your computer resources.

I’ve used several VPS from and can recommend them completely. They have a great support team and everything is setup quickly. You can ask them any questions before placing your order and they’ll advise you which VPS is the best for you.

If you’ll be running several SEO tools at the same time make sure your hardware on the VPS can support the high RAM and CPU usage.

Tip: Disable the log at the bottom of the program in GSA SER and GSA Captcha Breaker to lower your CPU usage if needed.

They also sell shared and dedicated proxies, which are needed to run GSA SER successfully. You can use shared proxies which are shared between a few users. If you have the money you can switch them for the dedicated proxies which only you have access to.


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